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YouFixitMiele electronic (PCB) repair 



Do you recognize this situation?

  • Your Miele washing machine is between 20 and 30 years old,

  • the drum doesn't spin as it should anymore,

  • the motor doesn't seem to have the power it used to have,

  • replacing the carbon brushes didn't solve the problem,


Then, it's almost for sure that the main PCB broke down

This board controls a.o. the r.p.m. of the motor.

Also on this board is the electronic circuit that controls the opening of the door.

In Europe only, thousands of washing machines are wasted premature.

This is bad for your wallet and bad for our environment.


Which types are involved?

Miele washing machines with one of the following typenumbers:

W694, W697, W698, W699, W700, W701, W704, W705, W709, W710,

W711, W716, W717, W719, W720, W723, W724, W726, W729*, W730, W731,

W732, WT745, W791, W792, W793, W794, WT795, W796, W1059


All models: Hydromatic, Novotronic etc.


PCB numbers:

EDRU001/A, EDSTU201, EDSTU201A, EDSTU202, EDSU101, EDSU102


(a.o. Miele part number: T.nr. 2150693, 2150691, 2150702, 3050370, 3050460 of 2633750)


* Model W729 can have different designs. Please visit also: other repairs.


Attention!: To my regret I cannot support the following types:

W733, W750,

W751, W754, W755,

W756, W757, W765


What do we offer?

  • Repaired PCB returned within a week (payment in advance assumed)

  • Recovery of full motor performance (washing, rinsing, hurling)

  • Repair of the frequently occurring door opening problem


Where to find the typenumber and how to dismount the PCB?

  • Always remove the mains plug from the wall outlet before opening your washing machine

  • Open the frontpanel (bolts in the dooropening, screws behind soap reservoir)

  • Board is mounted against backside of frontpanel, behind the door (see picture)

  • The typenumber is on the housing of the pcb

  • You may cut the straps with which the cable bundle is attached (new ones come with the repaired unit)

  • Unscrew the complete unit (leave the board in the plastic cover!).



What's the procedure?

  • You send me an e-mail with a reference to your machine type (W...) and your adress

  • In this e-mail you find a link to our adress and payment information

  • You send your module (see picture) in a suitable package to the adress given

  • You transfer 42,00 + shipping to our account (priority shipment within Europe)

  • At the latest within one week (hollidays excluded), you receive the revised pcb


  • 1 Year.

  • Not satisfied: free replacement or money back



Also replacement of transformer and other repairs of modules:



Miele washing machine model







EL140Aalleen -A model: W934,W937,W984












ELP152 -A

W2515, W2553, W3831, W3838, W5245, W5260, W5660, V5760 WPS, V5760 Meteor,


W15XX, W16XX, W17XX, W18XX, W19XX, W21XX, W22XX, W23XX, W24XX, W25XX, W31XX, W32XX, W34XX, W35XX


EDC46130W, EDC66130W, EDC66150W, EDC67150W, EDC67550W, EDC67555W, EDC77570W, EDI96150W


6130W, 6150W, 7150W, 7550W, 7555W, 7570W, T55400, T55403, T55405, T55500, T55540, T55542, T55543, T55544, T55545, T55580, T55600, T55610, T55640, T55800, T55840, T56600, T56640, T56740, T56800, T56830, T56840, T568DIA, T57630, T57800, T57808, T57830, T57848, T57900, T58840, T59820, T59850, T59860, T59880, T88800, T88840, TMARATHON


TC7114, TCE7114, TCE7224, ZTE170, ZTE220, ZTE240, ZTE260, ZTE265, ZTE270, ZTE272, ZTE273, ZTE275, ZTE277, ZTE280, ZTE285, ZTE286, ZTE289, ZTH485, ZTK120


In some models (i.e. W729), you may find different PCB's


Attention: NO support for models:

W733, W734, W735, W736, W737, W738, W750, W751, W753, W754, W755, W756,W757, W758,

W759, W760, W761, W763, W765, W770, W772, W780, W782, W783, W784, W793, WT489, WT490

International return shipping costs (valid from January 1st, 2020)

Note for senders in the UK:

Since we frequently receive complaints on long shipping times and missing parcels, we strongly advise senders in the UK to include track&trace service with their parcels sent to us. Store the tracking number and proof of shipping in a safe place.

YouFixit cannot be held responsible if a shipment sent to us, gets lost or delayed.

Shipping include priority service and traceability

Country Price VAT incl.
Australia       26,00-
Austria       15,00 V
Belgium       12,00 V
Bosnia-Herzegovina       21,00 -
Bulgarije       25,50 V
Canada       26,00 -
Croatia       25,50 V
Czech Republic       12,00 V
Denmark       14,00 V
Estland       18,50 V
Finland       25,50V
France       16,00 V
Germany       12,00 V
Greece       25,50 V
Hungary       13,00 V
Iceland       21,00 -
Ireland       18,00 V
Israel       26,00 -
Italy       19,00 V
Jersey, Channel Islands       21,00 -
Latvia       16,00 V
Lituania       12,00 V
Luxemburg       14,00 V
Malta       24,50 V
Monaco       13,00 -
Netherlands         6,75 V
Norway       21,00 -
Poland       11,00 V
Portugal       25,50 V
Romania       25,50 V
Serbia       21,00 -
Slovenia       18,00 V
Slowakije       17,45 V
Spain       19,00 V
Sweden       17,00 V
Switzerland       21,00 -
United Kingdom       18,00 V
United States       26,00 -

Andere landen op aanvraag. Other countries please ask.

Sonstige Bestimmungen, bitte fragen Sie uns. Autres pays, demandez nous.

V: Prijs incl. BTW, Price includes VAT, Preise einschl. MwSt., Prix TVA incl.

- : Geen BTW, VAT n.a. (not EU), kein MwSt (nicht EU), sans TVA (non UE)


NEW: Also available carbon brushes for Miele 700 Series (T.nr. 1689370 or 2881580)!