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Until further notice we are not accepting any new (business) customers


Shipping your Miele PCB ....


Address- and payment data

Exclusively for our current (business) customers

From 1 May 2023, we exclusively offer our services to business customers (with a YouFixit customer number).

If you are a consumer, you can contact your own white goods specialist for repairs of your electronics.

Important: Always register your repair in advance by e-mail, stating your YouFixit customer number!


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Put your name and address on the outside of the package!


+31 (0) 485 801242

Our phone is not always answered.
We prefer e-mail.

E-mails will generally be answered within 2 hours


Although it is with pain in our hearts: Since the UK officially left the EU, trade conditions between the UK and EU-countries have changed dramatically.

As a consequence YouFixit had to suspend its services for UK customers per January 1st, 2021.

YouFixit is too small a company to comply with the elaborate administrative requirements needed for trading and shipping between the UK and the Netherlands.

Moreover, even our shipping agent has temporarily suspended offering shipments to the UK (see below).


Note from our Shipping agent:


Shipments to UK - Temporarily Suspended

Due to Brexit, additional customs information must be sent with a shipment. The information about which data these are and how they should be provided to the carrier differs per carrier.

At the moment we see a lot of problems with shipments to the UK where many packages are returned or delayed at customs.

To avoid a bad delivery experience, we have decided not to allow shipments to UK through our platform until further notice.

As soon as we have been able to perform several successful tests with our various partner carriers, we will make this option available again.


YouFixit no longer publishes prices on this site.
Consumers looking for a way to get their white goods electronics repaired should refer to their local white goods specialist or supplier.
(Existing) business customers please refer to our New Year's Letter 2024 for prices.
If you have not received it (e.g. because it has been some time since you had contact with YouFixit), please email us for our rates.