Electronics Repair Service for Household Appliances

1 Year Guarantee - 1 Jaar Garantie - 1 Jahr Garantie

Netherlands, Cuijk

E-mail: info@youfixit.eu

We repair the electronic of your washing machine or tumble dryer within three working days

(From 2015 we repaired well over 3.000* PCB's from Electrolux / AEG / Zanussi!)

*From which one third on request from household appliance specialists.


Electrolux / AEG / Husqvarna /REX tumble dryer dead

Also Marijnen and Nordland. View list of supported models. Electrolux AEG Husqvarna REX dryer tumble dryer condensation dryer does nothing anymore dryer condensation dryer tumble dryer has suddenly stopped working tumble dryer condensing tumble dryer is broken tumble dryer condensing tumble dryer does not respond tumble dryer condensing dryer has broken

Your dryer has suddenly stopped working, without any signs. Does not respond. Appliance is suddenly dead. From one moment to another. No lights. No sign of life.


This failure is almost certainly caused by a defective circuit-board.

Older and newer models
If your dryer model is not in the above mentioned list, please visit our web page on older models (we repair these at another working site).

Brand and model of your dryer may divert from the picture displayed above (e.g. less or different buttons)






YouFixit repairs your PCB fast, professional and without risk


Price: € 56,00 + return shipping costs (depending on country of destination)


Step 1

Dismount the module from your machine, see Instruction or download PDF


Step 2

  • Sign up for repair by sending an email to info@youfixit.eu. Make sure to mention: Name, address, phone number and brand and model of your dryer

  • Send the Module to:

    YouFixit / Postbus 6425

    Kanaaldijk Noord 111


  • Transfer the repair + return shipping costs to our bank account:
    IBAN: NL68ASNB8821142205 Name: YouFixit

Step 3

Within 5 business days your will receive your repaired circuit board, which you can now re-install back into your machine!

* To new business customers (white goods retail- and repair shops): Please first apply via our e-mailaddress: info@youfixit.eu.



Frequently asked questions



  1. Won't the PCB break down again, after repairs?

  2. Can the program selector be defective?

  3. Can I measure if the PCB is defective myself?

  4. How can I be sure if my circuit-board is defective?

  5. Is my circuit-board tested by Youfixit?

  6. Which warranty do I have?

  7. Will I receive a message when the circuit-board arrives, is repaired and sent back?

  8. Why do I have to sign up my repair via an email?

  9. Do I risk a bigger fire hazard when the electronics board is repaired?

  10. Should I send my circuit-board by registered shipping?

  11. How much time does it take to repair my PCB?


Instruction for dismounting circuit-board



Tools required :

Torx (T20) and/or Pozidrive (PZ2) screw driver

Socket wrench (7)


The instruction below is based on the Zanussi dryer (model ZTE285).

Dismounting of the circuit-boards in other Electrolux-brands (AEG, Electrolux, Marijnen and Nordland) may vary slightly.


Step 1

    Remove the power cord from the wall socket

  • Remove the two bolts on the backside of the machine


Step 2
  • Take the top off
  • Take enough detailed pictures of the module with the plugs still in place
Step 3
  • Remove the two upper screws with which the right side panel is mounted
Step 4
  • Remove all screws with which the right side panel is mounted at the back side
Step 5
  • Lift the side panel and remove
Step 6
  • Unplug all cables from the electronic module. 
Step 7
  • Remove both screws with which the electronic is mounted to the frame.
Step 8
  • Shift the module to the left ...
Step 9
  • ... and take it out of the appliance
  • DO NOT remove the PCB from its plastic housing
  • Wrap the module in a carbon box (preferably one which we can reuse)
Step 10
  • Put the PCB in a sturdy box, which you can fill up with crumpled papers for stability and damping
  • One strip of tape should be enough to keep the box sealed
Step 11
  • Write down your name and address on the left upper corner of the package
  • One tape should be enough to keep the box sealed
  • Please refrain from using terms like 'fragile' on the box, these may lead to higher shipping costs if we return the package
  • We will re-use your packaging if possible

Answers to frequently asked questions


1. Won't the PCB break down again, after repairs?

Not likely.

Although the power supply chip we use as a replacement of your old defective chip, is of the same specification as the old one, we upgrade the resistance in the power supply circuit to a higher value, which lengthens the lifetime of your PCB


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2. Can the operating/display unit be defective?

No. This defect is not caused by the operating / display unit.


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3. Can I measure if the PCB is defective myself?

We do not recommend that you do measurements on the PCB. You might further damage the PCB, thus making it unable for us to repair it. In case you made modifications on your PCB or somebody else did, you can contact us by sending an e-mail. Make note of the fact, that your PCB is not in its original state and list what has happened to the PCB. This usually results in a higher repair rate and possibly a limited warranty, for apparent reasons.


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4. How can I be sure if my PCB is defective?

Chances are almost 100% (given the fault described above).

You do not run any risk for paying for a repair which is not effective. Moreover, we will test your PCB before we do any repairs. See our Customer Satisfaction Waranty


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5. Is my PCB tested by Youfixit?

Yes. See “What do we offer”.


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6. Which warranty do I have?

You will receive 1 year of warranty. See “What do we offer”.


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7. Will I receive a message when the PCB arrives, is repaired and sent back?

1.     You will receive a confirmation as soon as your PCB arrives at our address. If you like you may track your shipment also via Track & Trace functionality on the website of the shipping party.


You will get confirmation if we have repaired your PCB.

You will contacted if we cannot reproduce the error described on our website or if we are not able to repair your PCB.


You will receive a message with the barcode of your shipment, immediately after we send it out (usually the day of arrival at YouFixit, at about 6:00 PM).


The warranty label on the outside of the module, proves that it has been repaired and confirms your full year warranty.



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8. Why do I have to sign up my repair via an email?

In order to administer your payment, we need your name and address.

By sending us your personal data and those of your appliance, you enable us to plan your repair.

Thus we can guarantee that your electronic will be fixed and returned within two days after arrival at YouFixit


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9. Do I risk a bigger fire hazard when the electronics board is repaired?

By no means.

Maybe you've read somewhere that by enlarging the value of the primary circuit flow resistor, and applying a power-IC with double capacity, fire hazard increases.

From a technical perspective, this story is not very credible.

The chip we use can indeed deliver twice as much power, but will do so in practice only in very short peaks.

These are precisely the peaks that kill the lighter chip.

In addition, the increased flow resistance reduces the maximum power to be delivered.

Because in the machine nothing is changed, the power demand will necessarily remain the same.

This story plays on your fear. It is true that clothes dryers relatively often cause home fires (5% of all home fires, see https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasdroger#Brandgevaar).

But seldom the cause is in the electronics, but poor maintenance, allowing dust collects on the heating element (see http://droogtrommels.nl/droogtrommels-veiligheidsinstructies.html).

What measures you can take to prevent home fires, you may learn on http://www.consumentenbond.nl/wasdroger/extra/brandveiligheid-wasdroger/.


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10. Should I send my PCB by registered shipping?

Not per se.

It does not make much sense to send your shipment registered. Do keep the bar code you receive from the carrier. This allows you to track your shipment.

If it takes more than the usual amount of business days before your package is delivered to us, we recommend you to contact the transporter.

If your shipment is unexpectedly lost, you may appeal to the carrier with the barcode as proof. However, even with registered mail you will receive little compensation, because you have to prove the value with an invoice of the part shipped.


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11. How much time does it take to repair my PCB?

From the day of you shipment: 2-4 working days (depending on distance to the Netherlands).

Repair is almost mostly done on the day we receive your module.

Using the barcode of your shipment on the website of the conveyor (track & trace), you may trace your shipment and discover when your shipment is being delivered to us.

If we have also received your payment and your address data by e-mail, your module is returned to you the same or the next working day.

The transit time in the Netherlands by PostNL usually is one business day. For Belgium you have to take into account one more working day.


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What do we offer?

YouFixit repairs this module in a professional manner and with better than the original parts.

But not before we have determined that your electronic is indeed defective.

After the repair your electronic is retested.

YouFixit gives a full year warranty on the repair.


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Customer satisfaction guaranteed

If the repair has been signed up with the above mentioned complaint (machine is dead), you run no risk.

If your board does not appear to be defective or cannot be repaired at all, you will owe us only research and return costs (€ 26.89 plus shipping).

The remaining part will be refunded immediately.

Or your entire payment will be refunded if you do not require return shipment of the module.


YouFixit strives for maximum customer satisfaction (see our  reviews from customers).

If your Electrolux / AEG / Zanussi dryer does not function after you have installed the repaired module, please do not hesitate to call us.

If your machine keeps on failing after all, we can imagine that you decide to purchase a new dryer.

You may return the electronics. Once we receive this, you receive a refund of the repair costs (€ 56.00).

In this case your only loss is the postage (3 times).


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Who are we?

YouFixit is a small company that repairs electronics of household appliances for more than a decade.

Initially, mainly for the washing machines of the Miele brand.

Gradually, we have extended our service to other household appliances and also to other brands.

We partner with a large proportion of the white goods specialists in the Netherlands and in other European countries.

For common errors we offer our services also to the do-it-yourselfer.


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Affected appliances (models from 2011)



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International return shipping costs (valid from January 1st, 2022)


International shipping includes priority service, traceability and insurance (up until € 500,00)


CountryPrijsVAT incl.
Country Price VAT/BTW
Australia  €    30,75 -
Austria  €    17,00 V
Belgium  €    14,00 V
Bosnia-Herzegovina  €    23,50 -
Bulgarije  €    28,50 V
Canada  €    30,75 -
Croatia  €    28,50 V
Czech Republic  €    17,25 V
Denmark  €    22,00 V
Estonia  €    28,50 V
Finland  €    28,50 V
France  €    17,00 V
Germany  €    14,00 V
Greece  €    28,50 V
Hungary  €    21,00 V
Iceland  €    23,50 -
Ireland  €    28,50 V
Israel  €    30,75 -
Italy  €    22,00 V
Jersey, Channel Islands  €    23,50 -
Latvia  €    28,50 V
Lithuania  €    28,50 V
Luxembourg  €    18,00 V
Malta  €    28,50 V
Monaco  €    23,50 -
Netherlands  €       7,75 V
Norway  €    23,50 -
Poland  €    17,00 V
Portugal  €    25,50 V
Roemeniλ  €    28,50 V
Servia  €    23,50 -
Slovakia  €    20,50 V
Slovenia  €    20,50 V
Spain  €    23,75 V
Sweden  €    22,00 V
Switzerland  €    23,50 -
United Kingdom  €    23,50 -
United States  €    30,75 -


Andere landen op aanvraag. Other countries please ask.

Sonstige Bestimmungen, bitte fragen Sie uns. Autres pays, demandez nous.

V: Prijs incl. BTW, Price includes VAT, Preise einschl. MwSt., Prix TVA incl.

- : Geen BTW, VAT n.a. (not EU), kein MwSt (nicht EU), sans TVA (non UE)

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